Skuja Braden works are based in the Buddhist concept of form and emptiness seeking to understand and go beyond the Western quagmire of dualistic thinking. Emptiness in not nothing, it is literally the which holds together and activates everything that has form, and IT is eternal.Thus Everything for Skuja Braden is combination of form and emptiness, made up of the great eternal, and all wander through Samsara as constant ever-changing impermanence being 


Skuja Braden always being with the form, drawing it out on paper and then constructing it in clay and when the form is completed it is left to rest and at that time it is fully empty. As the form begins to fill in with line, shape, colour, and texture it begins to harden and get smaller and tighter and more restricted in its newly transforming identity. This newly created thing is literally frozen form surround and filled with emptiness, and fresh from the fire of creation, it too, has a life of its own.


Collapsing the subject object relationship has been a goal at the core of our collaboration, since we began this journey in Riga over 20 years ago. Skuja Braden exist as personae, literally resting in a third position, created and non-created, real and unreal, whose existence non-existence effectively collapses the subject object relationship.